Many are touched by the Spirit of God as they walk in the Garden

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09/24/2012  Brittany Lowe

I have visited the Garden Tomb twice in the past four years. Simply visiting Israel has drastically changed my relationship with Jesus. I now see Him as a man AND as my Lord. He has been my Savior for years now, but now His Word has truly come alive. Thank you for preserving this beautiful garden and allowing us world travelers the opportunity to see it.

09/24/2012  J Powell

My sister and I visited last week.   The garden is peaceful and calm amongst the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem.it was a privilege to visit the garden a place we will always remember.

09/24/2012  Gerardo Cerdas-Rojas

Always remembering....What a beautiful place!   Keep it please.

09/24/2012  Pat Hodgson

Pat Hodgson visited the site with a group in May this year and told us she was very impressed with its beauty and atmosphere and would love to go back again.

09/24/2012  Cristina Ferro - Italy

I visited the garden last week and it was a joy for me to discover that it is not a "touristic" site but a place where the death and the resurrection of Jesus is faithfully proclaimed. The garden was an oasis in the desert for me. God bless you for the wonderful job you are doing for His glory!

09/24/2012  Bob Lillyman

I just thought I would just pass on what I thought to be quite a funny story relating to the Garden Tomb.   On Tuesday we visited some friends who told us about their visit to Israel.  They had gone as a family, were not part of an organised group and at one point ended up in the Garden Tomb.  They found the atmosphere wonderful and discovered a quiet area where there were seats where they could pray.  When they had finished praying they opened their eyes and saw that matzoh and wine had miraculously been provided.  They readily partook of the emblems before moving on.

  Ulrika Myrtner Sjomansvagen, Sweden

I visited the Garden Tomb only last week and was struck by its beauty and serenity.    It was certainly the highlight of the trip.   Thank you for the fine work of keeping this place accessible to visitors. Kind regards

  Carol Wood, California

Our group visited the Garden Tomb last week.   Our experience there was wonderful.   Our guide, .,  was so good as he gave the message that Our Lord is Risen He is not here!   We so appreciated his boldness in telling the true story of our Lord and keeping to the account found in the Bible.   I only wished we could have stayed longer.   Thank you all for maintaining and caring for such a meaningful place in the Holy Land.    May the Lord continue to bless you all and your ministry there.